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Exercise and Pregnancy

By Pws Builder | Sep 20, 2017
Frequently, I am asked by pregnant clients, “What exercise is okay for me to do?” Excellent question!!! Very often during pregnancy, women want to begin exercise programs to ensure the health of their developing babies as well as themselves.  On first consideration, this sounds like and often is a good idea and recommended. So, how […] Read More →

​A Topic Few Wish to Discuss​

By Pws Builder | Sep 20, 2017
So often, I hear women complaining to me about experiencing the symptoms of vaginal itching.  They are stumped and frustrated by this symptom, asking what causes it and how can they eliminate it. Vaginal “itching” can have many causative factors.  Itching can result from dryness of the skin.  This can happen as a consequence to […] Read More →