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Helping Women Heal Their Bodies Physical Therapy for Women by Women

Rooted in muddy depths, the lotus rises to blossom in daylight. A long revered symbol in many Asian cultures, the lotus represents awakening, rebirth and rising from adversity.

At Lotus Physical Therapy for Women, the mission is to provide skilled physical therapy that fosters quality service in an environment that is compassionate, discrete and encourages wellness and independence in self-care.

All clients receive a thorough evaluation from which treatment programs are custom-formulated to serve each client’s needs.

Lotus Physical Therapy is sensitive to and understands the specific needs a woman’s body requires at different stages as she journeys from adolescence through midlife and on to her senior years.  We are a Women’s Health clinic that provides treatment of pelvic dysfunction, orthopedic conditions as well breast care.

Focus is on treating women, however, children and men are welcome. Luba Starostiak is trained and experienced in treating children and males with pelvic floor dysfunction and related orthopedic conditions.

Physical therapy services are provided for Rockland County, Orange County, Westchester County, Bergen County, Sullivan County, New York City and surrounding areas.  International clients have also sought and received quality care.

Lotus Physical Therapy for Women, PLLC opens a SECOND LOCATION!!!   5 Academy Street, New Paltz, New York 12561.  Services provided for Ulster County, Orange County, Sullivan County and Dutchess County, Putnam County and Greene County, New York. 



​”Luba is wonderful!  Her work is very professional and respectful.  You feel safe.  I cannot imagine where I’d be today if I hadn’t found Lotus PT.  Suffering from chronic pain, there is hope.  Thank you for giving me back a normal life.”

H. Ward

“Luba is an integral role in addressing my symptoms from a complicated medical journey.  She is an exceptional practitioner and person.  Not only is she very knowledgeable of Women’s Health, she is understanding and caring.  Her positivity, encouraging and kind words have helped me get through my toughest days, as well as helping me heal physically and mentally.  Thank you, Luba for all you have done and continue to do!”


“My doctor recommended physical therapy when I was still experiencing problems after a recent surgery.  She recommended Lotus Physical Therapy.  I was able to get an appointment and start physical therapy right away.  After a few appointments, I noticed my symptoms were subsiding and I was feeling a lot better.  I tried three different medications prior to physical therapy but they didn’t work and the side effects were miserable.  I am so grateful to Luba for making me feel comfortable and for her knowledge and experience.  Prior to seeing Luba, I worried that I would have to live my symptoms but she helped me overcome them.  She is sensitive and very professional.  She not only listened, she gave me exercises and advice that really work and helped me get my life back.  My symptoms are basically gone and I do not need any medication.  Physical therapy was the answer for me and I couldn’t have asked for a better and more caring therapist.  She is a miracle worker!!!  Thank you, Luba!”

Karen M.

“Luba’s kindness is only surpassed by her expertise.”

Phyllis K.

“Thank you so much for your therapy sessions during my neck/shoulder injury.  They were very helpful, and were a much needed aid on my road to recovery.”

Purnima S.

“From the first day I was wheeled in to therapy, you were such a support to get me through the roughest time in my life.  Rebuilding 25 broken bones was a long road both physically and mentally and I could not have been in better hands.  I was extremely lucky to have had you as my physical therapist.  Your level of expertise and commitment to my recovery is truly what has gotten me to where I am today.  You will always hold a special place in my heart!  Thank you.”

Amy Fulton

“Thank you so much for all you  have done for me.  It takes a special person to want to help women and ease their pain physically and mentally.”

E. S.

“After 2 years of countless visits to specialists, I had found no relief for a chronic pain condition that was ruining my life.  Then I met Luba.  Her expertise and willingness to treat the WHOLE person has helped me tremendously.  I feel blessed to have found her.”

Donna Borchers

“Luba Starostiak has three outstanding qualities that make her an especially gifted healer.  She brings her clients a calm, focused, deeply caring level of attention.  She has integrated her physical therapy skills with a lifetime of study in other movement disciplines including dance and yoga.   She thoughtfully calibrates her treatment strategy to your individual lifestyle needs.  She has made a tremendous positive difference in my life as a dancer and dance teacher, and I am thrilled to recommend her to others.”

Sue Moss, PhD

“Luba Starotiak is an exceptionally talented physical therapist.  She decides on a plan that is best for the client and does her best to work to reach those goals.  Her aim is to do whatever she can to help the client improve.  Luba has greatly helped me improve my condition.  I have also seen first-hand that she has helped many others reach their goals too.  I highly recommend her to help clients with all types of physical problems.”

Carol G.

“I have had many types of physical therapy in the past, but I feel the pelvic physical therapy I have had with Luba is the most important of all. I am so glad to have started therapy for my bladder condition.”

Constance W.

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      150 S. Broadway Nyack, New York 10960

      5 Academy Street, New Paltz, New York 12561

      Lotus Physical Therapy for Women, PLLC is Opening a Second Location!!!!!!! New Paltz, New York

      By Luba | Oct 8, 2018
      I am pleased to announce that Lotus Physical Therapy for Women, PLLC is about to open a second location in NEW PALTZ, NEW YORK!!! I will be providing the same services and can be reached via the same contact information. The address for the new location is 5 Academy Street, New Paltz, New York 12561. […] Read More →

      Rehabilitation After Hysterectomy

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      Exercise and Menopause

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      Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle through exercise can help reduce some of the negative effects associated with menopause.  The decrease in hormone production during this time, especially estrogen, can lead to a host of changes in the body.  Women often experience weight gain, loss of muscle mass and strength as well as a decrease in bone […] Read More →

      Exercise and Pregnancy

      By Luba | Sep 20, 2017
      Frequently, I am asked by pregnant clients, “What exercise is okay for me to do?” Excellent question!!! Very often during pregnancy, women want to begin exercise programs to ensure the health of their developing babies as well as themselves.  On first consideration, this sounds like and often is a good idea and recommended. So, how […] Read More →

      ​A Topic Few Wish to Discuss​

      By Luba | Sep 20, 2017
      So often, I hear women complaining to me about experiencing the symptoms of vaginal itching.  They are stumped and frustrated by this symptom, asking what causes it and how can they eliminate it. Vaginal “itching” can have many causative factors.  Itching can result from dryness of the skin.  This can happen as a consequence to […] Read More →