Vaginal/Pelvic Dilators and Wands

Vaginal/Pelvic Dilators and Wands

Posted on September 6, 2023

Vaginal/pelvic dilators and wands can be useful tools as adjuncts to your pelvic physical therapy program. The images reveal examples of what vaginal/pelvic dilators and wands may look like. 

 They come in various sizes and are made of various materials from softer and more pliable to rigid and more dense. Some dilators are equipped with a vibrating mode as well.


These rehabilitative tools can be used to help treat tense, painful and restricted muscles of the pelvic floor. Individuals suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction often find using these tools as an invaluable part of there physical therapy home program.

Peri-menopausal and menopausal women as well as those who have been treated for pelvic cancers may be prescribed one or more of these devices to help them regain tissue extensibility and strength and coordination to the muscles of their pelvic floor. 

These are just some of conditions whereby vaginal/pelvic dilators and wands may be prescribed. 

At Lotus Physical Therapy for Women, PLLC, your therapist may recommend the use of one or more of these therapeutic devices if they are indicated for your particular case. If so, you will be instructed in the proper use and maintenance of the device(s). During your physical therapy sessions, your therapist will monitor, re-assess and progress your dilator/wand program as indicated. 

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