??? A Question I Frequently Get Asked ???

Working in the field of Women’s Health, patients frequently ask me how and why I became interested in doing the type of therapy that I do.

Here is what I tell them…

While in the physical therapy program at Hunter College in New York City, I became interested in orthopedics and very quickly realized that is what I wanted to specialize in.  So I did.  

After I graduated and received my professional license, I began working in the field of orthopedics.  I worked at two of New York City’s prestigious Orthopedic hospitals and a private Orthopedic practice that specialized in treating performing artists.  I then went on to work at a Rehabilitation hospital where I practiced all aspects of Orthopedic physical therapy. I worked with both females and males.  I went on to become a certified Orthopedic specialist in my field.

 Around 10 years into my career, I became interested in orthopedic injuries and illness that were more prevalent in females, since I am a female.   I began taking continuing education courses related to those types of subjects.  One of the courses I took was presented by a host of professionals including MD’s and the founder of the American Physical Therapy Association’s Section on Women’s Health, Elizabeth Noble, physical therapist.  The topics covered ranged from things like prenatal and postpartum exercise and care to post mastectomy care, urinary incontinence and pelvic pain in women.

 I instantly realized I needed to incorporate treatment for these types of conditions into my regular orthopedic practice as there was a great need for it.  It was a found missing puzzle piece for me.   So many females require treatment in these areas and services were lacking.   I became passionate about wanting to treat in the realm of Women’s Health. So, I began taking more and more courses given by the leaders and experts in the field and became the co-founder of a Women’s Health program at the hospital at which I was working at the time.  Within a few years after that, I decided to open my own practice with the emphasis on dedication to treating Women’s Health-related conditions.

Having a strong orthopedic background has helped me to be a better practitioner and look at each patient more comprehensively. In addition to being a physical therapist, I am also a certified yoga instructor and have a background in dance, which enhances my understanding of functional movement in the body.

I love and respect the work that I do. As a female, I find it fulfilling to work with and help other women on a daily basis.  My focus is on treating females but I do treat males who have pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and/or would like orthopedic physical therapy.